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Ya-Ya Connection

To the One Who made friendship,
who launched this ship of friends,
may we bless You...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Haircut Birthday

Glenice wanted a haircut for her birthday. I told her about my stylist, a sweet, young, talented young mom who works out of her home studio on the north side. That would be our day then--a cut and a run to Costco en masse. Our Rosie's in school, so she couldn't be there.


Kirsten finding out what kind of cut Glenice wants.

The longest locks are gone!

Our lovely, spruced-up, modernized darling!

Four of us with new or recent cuts. Yes, we ah go'geous.

Kirsten showed Glenice how to reproduce this at home. She also showed her how to handle bed hair in a snap. She's doubtful though, because she said her hair always, always goes limp. We shall see. Tina played with Kirsten's two-year old girl most of the time. (I knew she would. =) Picture time is always sweet, getting all scrunched together, which is always what we do now.

Costco was fun. Tina asked the name of a man who works there, a guy she knows from somewhere, but I can't remember the connection, and she hasn't texted me back. Everyone bought something except for me. A first for me EVER.  I think they met for coffee afterward, but I had to go home. LOVED my Ya-Ya time. All we needed was our Rosie.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's My Birfday!

Ya-Ya Day at my house for my birthday! We went for a hike in the woods, came back and fixed a lunch of taco soup, cabbage slaw, and cilantro-jacked-up salsa. Opened cards and gifts, then went bowling!

Glenice's amazing presentation skills!

Do they make bowling shoes this homely so no one will steal them?

Isn't this just a cute bowling alley?!

Glenice winding up for the throw.

And there she goes!

Looks much nicer inside.
We toasted to us with the fresh apple juice Glenice made this morning!

Front porch time

To us! And to the One who brought us together
and continues to rain blessing on us all!
Happy birthday to me!
XO, ~c.

Friday, August 29, 2014

1st Ya-Ya Day Just 'Cause

Glenice was appointed the day's activities director, and this is what we did.
  1. We picked organic blueberries at a farm in Ford. They went up a dollar to $3 per pound, but it was a beautiful day, and we had fun eating and picking. Glenice especially did. She got full on them and even beaned me (Cyndi) in the head with some. =)
  2. Glenice helped Dave Bear (sp?) plant a humongous garden, and we got to harvest whatever was ripe. We made a haul of beans, basil, potatoes, corn, rainbow chard, carrots, zucchini, peppers, and eggplant.
  3. Lunch at The Tin Cup on Charles Road. Kymm Moe works there, but wasn't there today. Cheryl had a smoothie, Tina a cup of tomato soup, Rosie a chicken wrap, and I had a French dip. It was one of the worst sandwiches I've ever had. Glenice was still full from the morning blueberries and then the watermelon in the garden.
  4. Centennial Trail.  This was a first for me and maybe Cheryl too. We asked a fellow pedestrian to take our picture, which is the one of us on the bridge at the end of this post. We stopped and took in the water just next to that bridge. There were hundreds of tiny fish darting around in the shallows. It was a very warm day, so A) I should have brought my water bottle, and B) We couldn't leave the produce in the car for too long.
  5. Back to Tina's to divvy up the garden stuff.

What a great first try at this getting together once a month! Nothing is planned for September yet, but hopefully, we'll have as sweet a time as we did today. I'd love to host a hike at my place when the trees are changing color. Maybe I'll dibs October. =)

Monday, March 10, 2014

On Scrapbooking and YaYa Memories

Glenice was over this morning. She is one sick puppy. Caught a nasty cold and is really suffering. But she wanted to bring me some pictures we are missing for our scrapbook.

We got them off of her computer but it looks like we will still have holes. No pictures of our first Petit YaYa wedding rehearsal dinner. Oh well. Archives in Heaven. We will have plenty of time to look at them There.

She also brought me the library CD's of YaYa's in Bloom, the story of how they met and their childhoods. OH. MY. GOSH.

Cyndi!! Did you listen to this?! Did you tell us about it?!

I dropped it off to Tina to listen to the first disc before we scrapbook tomorrow. She will love the story and the accents and will love US more than ever. I love us more than ever after listening to this story and writing us into it. (And my character, Caro, has not even arrived on the scene yet!!)

So I was here on the blog seeing if I can steal pictures before I call Cyndi to see what she found on her computer and I figured I'd write something down.

I love that we have this record. Tina and I found NO pictures from 2008 in any of our files, though Glenice had some, but there are LOTS on the blog.

Our biggest hole is 2006. Didn't we do a cooking day here for Molly's wedding? My computer pictures before 2010 are locked up on hard drives in dead computers, but I haven't seen anything elsewhere.

Oh well. See archives in Heaven comment above.

Excited for you all to see the Shutterfly book. So grateful that Cyndi has kept the blog up all this time.

I LOVE US!! Thank you my wonderful princess YaYa's. (Yeah, wrong punctuation, but I like it.)

--Princess Cheryl

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas 2013

We Christmased at Cheryl's, and it was one of the most splendiforous Ya-Ya occasions that we have ever enjoyed! Everything was just right--not too much, not too little--just right. These are our comments:

My wonderful YaYa's -

I am basking in the after glow of our Christmas time together. I am in awe of your creativity, generosity and devotion. You are love expressed and I am humbled to be a recipient of it.

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts. I am loving them more every minute. I cannot express my heart so well. But I am feeling so very loved.

May the rest of your holidays be as blessed as you have blessed me.


Ditto!!! [Tina]

I don't remember a more love-filled Christmas celebration than we savored yesterday. It was as if Love spilled out into the air and danced all around us with each and every gift. Just when I thought I couldn't contain any more Love, it kept on coming, and there was room for more! It felt like Jesus thought up all our gifts and blessed the hands that gave them so generously in His name, wrapped with His own Love. How could we not have been thus so rich and bathed in delight!

I love you all and am enjoying my gifts SO MUCH, especially the gift of time He managed for us. How wealthy are WE?!! I am a Ya-Ya! Out of the billions of people in the world who aren't--I am a Ya-Ya! I've never been one of the cool kids until you guys...

Love, Love, and more Love to you all! Merry Christmas! Happy birthday, Jesus!
xoxoLLL, ~c.

Good Morning My Lovelies,
Tina, Thank you so much for sending the pics of us individually. I looked at myself and was struck as to how much I really do look like my Mom. I see her beautiful face in mine, I see my Dads nose, my sister's chin. My whole family is wrapped up in this person of me. How cool is that!

I truly enjoy the time we share together "Thank you" everyone for all of my thoughtful gifts. God Bless you, have a warm Christmas.

It is my turn to now say "WOW"!  and Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts.  I do agree with Cyndi--I belong to the Ya Ya's!   My need to belong is wrapped up in all of you and of course my relationship with my Abba...  Thank you so very much for loving and accepting me. But I lost my sign that Tina made.  I may have left it is Cyndi's car.  But my eyes have not seen it and I miss it! Help me find my lost treasure.
Love all of you and Merry Christmas.


[It did end up in my car. I will get it back to her somehow.]

Our gifts from Glenice & Rosie--
so creative & lovely!

Tina made wall hangings for us, Cheryl had photo mugs made, and I gave everyone a watch bracelet. Aren't we good to one another?!

Thank You, Lord, for Your amazing love lavished on each and every one of us, all the time! Happy birthday, Jesus!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rosie's Birthday 2013

An overnighter at Glenice's was called for to celebrate Rosie's birthday, the first of all of ours every year. Sweet fellowship, deluxe food, and soul-filling Jesus talk reign at all of our functions, and this was no exception.

We spoke of fear, abiding, gratitude, children, grandchildren, having no children, husbands, tone of voice, worry, trust, and a hundred other things. I can never remember it all.

Glenice made pumpkin soup, salad, veggies, and an artisan bread fresh from the oven! I made brownie cheesecake for dessert, and we all indulged, at least a smidge.

Happy birthday, dear Rosie, happy birthday to yoouuuu!!! We sure do love you!!! xoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hey, Cyndi here!

We did the Davenport for our Christmas luncheon. It was gorgeous, and so were we. Presents, fine dining, and laughter like shiny ornaments added to our time together, which is always too short. We toured the second floor where gingerbread houses made by local businesses were displayed to this year's theme of Superheroes. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, and other day-savers appeared in all but the grand champion. It was bedecked with a soldier in the center and rimmed with a policeman, fireman, doctor, pilot, EMT, and a couple of other military personnel. The banner read, "These are our superheroes."

Rosie had a final this day, so she couldn't join us, but we brought the party to her! We couldn't stay long because Glenice needed to pick up James at the bus station. That made the short time even sweeter because we crammed a whole lot of love and Christmas into one concentrated visit. I teared up saying goodbye because it'd been so long since I'd seen her.

We thank You, Lord, for these snow white times of holding heart and hand sweetly and tenderly. Thank You for Your manger Babe and all that You are for us. Happy birthday, dear Jesus, happy birthday to You. xoxo